I've been playing lots of CTFs lately and there's lot to learn in them and some times the challenges are either repeated or are of similar type so it's better to keep a record of them. So I started making CTF notes.

CTF Tools

Just some tools we use







Other lists

There are already many great lists that would help you during CTF. Some good list to check out are:

  • trailofbit's CTF Guide

    • A very good guide to get an idea about CTFs and different type of challenges

  • John Hammond's CTF Katana

    • Really good and short notes.

    • He keeps track of all the not so common challenges from CTFs

  • CTF Candy

    • Good notes on web challenges

  • Security tips

    • Very good notes on WEB and RE/PWN category

  • CTF Wiki

    • Good notes on WEB and CRYPTO